Halsstriber finally done


I finally finished my Halsstriber scarf, it´s a gift for a friend. The pattern can be found at Liselotte´s blogand it´s free. I really like the pattern, but knitting the stripes was boring...Im happy with the result, though. I made the feather and fan-edging a little smaller than the pattern suggested.

New DPNneedlecase and owls


I bought this cute little project bag from Tebasile, and it is simply perfect! There´s room for my favourite DPNs as well as some of the circular needles I use the most, and there´s room for a project-to-go in the middle. And I love the fabric, reminds me of my childhoods bedlinen. I wish I could sow like that...I have done some smaller projects with my sowing machine, these owls are easy-peasy and very cute. The inspiration for the pattern can be found here.

This weekend has been filled with celebrating exams (on Friday) with my fellow students, we are only 10 students at this particular masters degree, so we get to know each other well. We had some beers in the afternoon, sunny Stavanger was warm and nice, and dear C had made pizza for me when I got home-one of his specialtys. Saturday was slow and lazy, I cleaned our apartment and sat in the sun knitting and reading, before going to C´s friend Henning´s 30th birthday party. We had a great time, one of C´s friends spent the night here, ad we´ve been sipping coffee on our balcony all day, and right now I´m waiting for C to come home with juicy burgers and a movie. I, on the other hand, is in the sofa watching season 2 of Dexter and knitting away on my Hourglass sweater. Can it get any better than this? And- I´m off work tomorrow! Sun, knitting and coffee is my master plan.
Hope you all had a great weekend!

Knitnight and swapping


I´ve joind my first two international swaps- one at Ravelry and one at Swapbot The Ravelry swap is called "A few of my favourite things" and it´s supposed to be a low-cost swap -the value is 15$ plus shipping. I will never be able to keep it that way...but that´s just good for my spoilee, right? It is not a secret swap, so I´m keeping in touch with the one that I´m going to spoil, and she´s really nice. She has a penpal from Norway, and she´s lived in Iceland. She´s also fascinated by trolls, so I think I know how to put the package together.

The other swap is called Yarn Junkies II and it works like this: You sign up for each month (if yu want to) and the theme for this month is 'yellow', and you´re supposed to send a skein of LYS-qualite yarn and some extra goodies to go with it. I like the idea of colour-matching, so I´m planning this package as well.

I´m afraid that swapping is quite addictive...

Tuesday was knitnight at Krabbeloftet, its held there every other week, but I haven´t been there for a month or so, and the other knitnights I usually go to I haven´t been able to get some extra time for them because of my exams. Tuesday was really nice- as always- and I wanted to share some pictures with you, so here they are:

This is Babbs knitting a babyhat

Gro is showing off her sweater for her daughter

This is Jorun(?) knitting on some babies clothing

MadamOlsen is making children´s clothing as well

Here´s some of Vibbedilles cuties

More pictures will be posted after our summer party!

My Fana...I´ve decided to give ti a little twist, so it won´t be finished this week...I´m experimenting and playing around a little, and I think the result can be really cool! But I won´t reveal what the changes are yet...

New projects


As I´ve nearly finished my Fana, (only need to knit the front edgings) I had to start a couple of projects. At Knitnight yesterday I bought two skeins of pink Opal Uni, and I´ve started the Reversai socks after I saw a finished pair at CriminyJickets blog and fell in love with the reversible pattern.

I got a skein of Filatura Di Grossa Superior from Halaisa, and I´ve started the Branching Out scarf from Knitty. Easy-peasy pattern, and the yarn is simply gorgeous- 70 % cashmere and 30 % silk. Lovely! And there´s a whole 300 yards on a 25 g skein!

As my Harmony Wood Circular needle broke, I´m waiting patiently for a new pair from GetKnitted. I want to finish the body of the Hourglass sweater at least, before I start the Kauni cardi for my mother. I also want to start on the sleeves for the CPH.
Lots to do!

My eams will be over Friday, and I hope to get a lot of knitting time- but I know I don´t really have any time off from work until august, so I´ll probably be busy enough. Fortunately, the gallery is closed sundays and mondays during the summer, so it´s not bad after all =)

Photos from yesterdays knitnight will be posted later...

Fanakofte progress


Just a few more inches now...and then I´m ready for cutting and sowing! Need to block as well, but I´ll do that after cutting.

Evening shrug-more photos

Here it is, a little too big over the back, but I´ll crochet another edge and see if that helps. Warms my shoulders perfectly!



First of all, I wanted to share this lovely tip from Liselotte on how to keep track of you yarn when knitting with several different strands...the photo is stolen from her blog.
I think this may also be a great idea to try when plying yarn after spinning on my handspindle. It didn´t turn out quite as tight as I wanted to the last time, but then I just let the two yarncakes stand on the floor while plying. This method will possibly tighten up the plying a bit...

So I finished my thesis yesterday, and I just need to edit it a little bit- emailed it to my Mom, and she had a few questions, and I`m happy she did, because then I can try to fix it and maybe achieve a better result..I´m supposed to be finished by Monday, and I have an oral exam coming up next Friday, and I´ll try to work on that this weekend, but I´ve got a cold, and it´s the Norwegian Constitutional Day Saturday, so we´ll see how that goes.

Right now I´m at work at the Gallery, and I´m feeling dizzy. What I really want to do is this:

...but there´s still a few more hours of photographing and registering left. I do enjoy my work, but today isn´t the best day for this.

I´ve been told we´re going to shop for a new bed today-yay! Our old one literlaly broke, so we´ve slept on the floor for a month now, and I´m sick of it. My boyfriend says he´s going to cook for me tonight as well, so I guess I´m not that miserable after all =)

On the needles; started raglan thursday night, the Fanakofte is moving slowly towards finishing. Bought some buttons too-eight copperlike,traditional buttons with a floral motif on them. I wanted something slightly different from the traditional buttons, but not too different. I guess I´m satisfied with these, but if there existed metal buttons with owls on them, I´d rather have those...

I´ve knit two out of four Feather and Fan-linings on my Halsstriber scarf, and I´m planning to finish it by the end of May. Other than that, I´m working on the Hourglass sweater and crocheting the Sunshine shopping bag.

Have a nice weekend if you stop by!

Progress on my Fanakofte and other non-exam related issues


As I´m currently writing my thesis for the final exams of this semester, I always find good excuses not to work on it. I´ll try to finish it by tomorrow, so I can study for my last oral exam during the weekend.

I´ve made my third cinnamon latte today, and I thought to myself "You´re so clever. Take a break. Knit some more, and blog a little". And so I did.

When we went to my boyfriend´s parents´country house during pentecost, I got quite a lot done on my Fanakofte. One arm is finished, the other one needs the star pattern, and when I finish that I can start raglan decreasing! I finally got hold of the brown Kauni W-OP, I bought it at Uldgaarden.dk. I haven´t decided what kind of buttons I want, but I´ve seen some smaller ones on a baby´s Fanakofte with flowers on them. What I really would prefer was the traditional metal ones, with a modern motif- maybe owls, squirrels or something like that. I´ll chase Etsy later to see what I can find.

Crystal Palace Yarns


This blog posts pictures of knit items using different types of Crystal Palace Yarns, and they´re going to post my shrug and maybe my babysweater too =)

I don´t have any good pictures of myself with the shrug other than the detailphoto from last post, but I´ll have some more taken. The baby sweater is for Christoffer, and it´s knit with Panda Silk Solid, colorway Denim Blue.

Knitting with friends


Last wednesday evening was spent at Linus´ house, because the day after was May 1st, so we could stay up late, knit, eat and drink a little wine and beer =)

From the left: Babbs knitting a baby jacket, Virtuella knitting a scarf, and Linus crocheting a top for her daughter

Cruzidull is expecting a babygirl any day now, and she knits a dress for the baby.

Gro doesn´t have a blog -yet- , but she´s knitting a Babyborn sweater for her niece´s doll.

Halaisa doesn´t blog either-anymore- and she´s knitting the beautiful Cobblestone sweater by Jared Flood for her husband.

This is a detail from my Evening shrug, I found the pattern at PurlBee´s blog

and made a t-shirt version, a very quick knit, using three strands of Panda Silk. The shrug is perfect- it warms my shoulders on cold evenings. I love to wear sleeveless tops, so I needed one of these. It won´t be the last one! Because of the luxurious feel of the yarn I think I can probably wear it with dresses as well.

I picked up my preciousss Macbook today, they´ve spoiled me with a new keyboard and a new "outer" skin, because they found a lot of mistakes made from the factory. The mysterious noise from the CD-player is now gone, and it feels like having a new machine. Love it! Finally I can write on my thesis outside in the sun.

Enough blogging for today, I´ll post photos of soon-to-be finished arms and body for the Fanakofte I´m knitting, I was lucky to find the yarn with a little help from a fellow Raveler . The brown Kauni is on its way in the mail, and in the meantime I´m knitting on my Hourglass Sweater, crocheting on my yellow shoppingbag and trying to motivate myself to knit some more stripes on the Halsstriber scarf.

...and I´m supposed to study a little bit in between exercising ( bought new aerobic shoes today), work and knitting..



...fant jeg hos Frk.Badegakk, og resultatet ser du her:

you are lightcyan

Your dominant hues are green and blue. You're smart and you know it, and want to use your power to help people and relate to others. Even though you tend to battle with yourself, you solve other people's conflicts well.

Your saturation level is very low - you have better things to do than jump headfirst into every little project. You make sure your actions are going to really accomplish something before you start because you hate wasting energy making everyone else think you're working.

Your outlook on life is very bright. You are sunny and optimistic about life and others find it very encouraging, but remember to tone it down if you sense irritation.
the spacefem.com html color quiz



In about 20 minutes, my exam will be published at It´s Learning, and I have two weeks to finish the thesis. I´m actually looking forward to staying at home, writing and reading, how crazy that sounds...I haven´t got the actual exam yet, but the theme is urbanization, neoliberalism, gentrification and globalization. I know we get four different questions or themes to choose from, so I really hope there´s one where I can write something on Ravelry, to get a small start for my masters in august...time will tell.

I won´t be sitting at home buried in books all day though, the gallery that I´m working at opens a new exhibition tonight called "Jazz", and this is an exhibition with 10 artists showing 20 pieces- since the jazzfestival MaiJazz is 20 years this year, this is a celebration of that as well. There will be live jazz as well, so I´m looking forward to working tonight and thinking about something else than my exam.

I´m going to a school´s art group, or what that´s called in English- bedriftskunstforening- tomorrow night to talk about how to choose art, framing and how to place art on your walls and so on- and this is my first time, so I´m both nervous and excited at once =) and we´re also going to clean up outside and inside together with our neighbours tomorrow-dugnad, that is- so I won´t get bored for the next few days.

I´m knitting away on my Fanakofte, I finally found a Danish yarnshop that has the Kauni I was looking for, so I can finish the arms and probably wear the jacket within the next week. I´ve started crocheting a grocery bag, and now I need more yarn... My plan is to write/read for about an hour, and then knit for 15 minutes, and then write again- this has worked fine before.

Dexter and new yarn


I have to admit that I´m addicted, and have seen the two first series of Dexter with actor Michael C. Hall (from Six Feet Under), and I´m anxious to see the third series which is coming this year...I just couldn´t wait, so I bought the three books that the series is based on, from Capris.no. Very cheap and quick shipping!

I needed a new crochet hook, so I stopped by GetKnitted, they ship really quick and their service is great! I bought myself a Clover Soft touch hook, and I think I´ll have to get some more of these- they are amazing, and my hand doesn´t hurt at all when crocheting. ( I couldn´t resist the lovely Noro sock yarn, so I bought a skein of that too- will post pictures later, when beloved Mac returns..)

In English, please


Okay then. I´ve been wondering if I should start blogging entirely in English for some time now. I mean, you Norwegians and Danes can read English, so that should´t really be a problem. And I would probably get better at writing Endlish, I´m actually considering if my masters thesis should be written entirely in English, as taht would make it a whole lot easier for ravelers to read it, if they would like to...for thosw of you who don´t know, I´m going to write my masters about Ravelry, starting august -08. But I´m planning a lot already...

Thanks to Kim from KnitTherapy, I hereby declare this blog written in English only. English labels will appear from now on, I won´t edit all of my blog posts.

My Macbook is (sadly) sick, and needed some recreation time at Eplehuset. Therefore, I´m sitting in our cold bedroom trying to ignore the books I should be reading for my oral exam, and guess what- it´s working! My plan for today- since it´s an official day off fore everyone in Norway- was to study, exercise for an hour with my friend and then study some more. Did that happen? No. Instead, I´ve been finishing the babysweater, crocheting some more Granny Squares for my leftoveryarn-afghan, and eating snickers. I´m still in my PJs, and I don´t plan to change into anything else.
My boyfriend is at a friends house to play some boardgame, so I´m surfing and snooping around Ravelry. But I would like to bring my sweet little Mac into the sofa with me, so I could knit at the same time as surfing. Two more weeks now...

On the needles is currently a lot of projects- the Fanakofte lies still in its bag, because of the lack of yarn- and no one seems to have any of it either, so that´s resting for now. My scrapyarn project is going well, I´m planning on a rainbow afghan, and currently using up all yellows and oranges from my stash. It looks quite nice, so I´m hoping this won´t be a UFO.

I´ve cast on the Central Park Hoodie, using the neon pink yarn I dyed some time ago, and I´ve started the swatch for my Mom´s Autumn Cardigan, using the Damask pattern from Dale. When visiting Kristiansand last weekend I had to drop by my beloved LYS, Karmin garn og gaver, and came home with two skeins of merino from Design CLub DK. I´m using it together with Kauni 8/2, in a cornflowerlike blue shade. it´s turning out gorgeous, and it´s going to turn into the Hourglass Sweater from "Last Minute Knitted Gifts" by Joelle Hoverson. That book was my first actual knitting book, and I have not made anything from it yet....

Well, back to the books (zzzzz)- I´ll post some pictures from yesterdays Strikk & Drikk (knit and drink, for you non-norwegians) at Linus´house. It turned out to be a quiet evening, and we enjoyed knitting and drinking just a little bit...