A few finished items, and some new ones on the needles....


Last wednesday I cleaned up at the balcony, preparing for visitors.....

...and we had a lovely evening, knitting and gossiping. We also swapped some yarn, which was great- I hope this will become a tradition at our knitnights.
From the left is Gro, Jorunn, Halaisa, Babbs and Virtuella

( I had bought a heater, new blankets and made very hot soup in case of cold weather, but that didn´t happen, so we enjoyed the hot soup in the hot sun-well, almost- and the last guest left around 23.00)
From the left is Gro, Jorunn, Halaisa, Babbs and Virtuella

This is the view from my knitting nook at the balcony- can´t get any better than that!

I´ve been knitting a little bit of this and a little bit of that lately; some babystuff and some grown-up stuff....In the babies department there is a simple garter stitch blanket knit with an unknown, handspun oneply wool. I will crochet an edge around the blanket before I give it away, but for now that can wait.

This is the (modified) Swallowtail shawl, knit wiht Opal Uni in the darkest brown shade. The pattern was ok to knit, I guess, but I did not make friends with the Lily of the Valley-p5tog-pattern...that´s why there´s only one repeat of it. Otherwise I like the shawl very much.

Some friends of us had a daughter last summer, and she turns 1 the 4th of July, so I knit her this tunic based on Tora´s Little Sisters Dress pattern. I used scraps of the Malabrigo Silky Merino in Velvet Grapes and one skein of the same yarn, shade Amoroso. Lovely yarn! I think I might knit a whole dress in this yarn some other time, but in only one shade. I plan to give the tunic away together with a cute, purple or brown body and some cute pants.

Here´s my progress on the FBL- I frogged the CPH (while watching some BBC haha- for those of you who DOESN`T knit, FBL is the February Lady Sweater, and CPH is the Central Park Hoodie. BBC is just BBC.) because I was scared I didn´t have enough of the handdyed yarn. I guess I like the way it turns out so far, but I´m a bit concerned about the arms; I think they look rahter big. The back is not exactly tight either, so it won´t surprise me if this one turns out a little too comfy. Time will show!



Bloglines IS very handy. But one of the reasons I've started using it again, is to clean up on my blog a little bit. So I tried to put a link to my blogroll in the sidebar, which did not work out, instead I have ALL the blogs in my blogroll in the sidebar. Not very clean. But ok, I guess I can live with that, as long as they stay on the bottom of the page. If anyone knows hos to put a small button with a link directly to MY blogroll (andnot to theirs, cause that's what happened when I tried), I'd really appreciate the help...

Knitting- I finished the Swallowtail shawl the other day, it's blocked and all, but the weather has been awful, so I haven't photographed it yet. I shortened it a little bit by only knitting one repeat of the Lily of the Valley-chart, and I think it turned out quie well...

I've started working on the hem for Mom's Damask cardigan, she wanted a longer cardi with a striped hem, about 20 -25 cm long. It's going pretty slow, but then again-it turns out gorgeous.

I've decided to use some of the EQ leftover for the pattern because the darkest greens and the darkest blues doesn't show the damaskpattern very well.

Other than that I'm knitting up a pair of simple stockinette socks for my boyfriend, using the Regia I got in the swap. The baby Fanakofte is resting, so is my CPH-I'm not sure whether I want to frog the arms (again) and knit them in the round, and then transform the pattern of the body so I can knit that in the round too. I guess I will, although not yet. Too many projects, babies and birthdays to come before that.

My Mom is visiting from Kristiansand this weekend, we have a good time together. She was in Denmark some time ago, and bought me some mohair/wool yarn for shawls, really nice colours. My boyfriend is in Denmark now as well, and he just sent me an MMS with a photo of a mystical bag of yarn...Can't wait! AND- I've purchased a skein of Tvinni and a skein of Spinni from Isager, and also a skein of Duo Silk/Merino from Dansk Design Club. I guess there will be shawls and scarves for everybody!

Garnstudio has published their collection for fall and winter 2008, and to my surprise, there was quite a lot of projects I want to knit there. The patterns are not published yet, but these are my ideas:

This headband looks like a modified version of another, very popular headband from last year's collection. I like the small cables, and I think this one would make a great christmas present.

Mom saw this and ordered a version immediately. She doesn't want the fluffy yarn, so I guess I'll knit it in Karisma or something smoother. She wants a light colourway, and I want to knit one for myself in red, I have a grey winter coat that needs some bright colours to fix it a little bit. Looks warm and cosy as well. Both Rogaland and Vest-Agder is windy and rainy during the winter, so this will be a winter fave.

Cute hat, although I'd never knit it in baby pink...more ideas for christmas presents, and this pattern may be used for young girls as well as slightly older girls, for example grandmothers.

This scarf and mitten-set are cute as well, not in pink, but in pale blue, browns and white, I guess. Yet another christmas present....

Really cute and cosy socks-I think these will look their best in a slightly fluffy yarn. I'm thinking one thread alpaca and one thread light fingering sock yarn perhaps (or something even lighter to strengthen them a bit)...

Well, well. I suppose I just added a few more projects to my queue, and these are not yet in Ravelry!

No time for work, I need to get home and knit!

A few of my Favourite Things - swap


I joined a swap on Ravelry, called A few of my Favourite things, and my swap partner Pam sent me this amazing treat:

I got two skeins of Regia, one skein of Wool of the Andes, knitting gadgets and a mini knitting kit, a dolphin for knitting stuff, lovely chocolate, tea, coffee and hot chocolate, comics and a coffee refrigerator magnet...I´m spoiled rotten over here! Lucky me.

Some knitting

I forgot to take pictures on Saturday! We-Gro, Halaisa and myself, went to Kult.Kaféen to knit for a few hours, and Babbs joined us for a round of shopping. We didn´t buy anything knitting related, but I think Halaisa got about five dresses for herself.
It was a nice day, the evening was spent at some of our friends´house with barbecue. We got home late, and Sunday was spent in the sofa, wearing my pajamas and knitting all day. Lovely weekend!

I got some knitting done as well, the baby Fanakofte body is finished, blocked and steamed and I´m very pleased with it. I didn´t see it until I´d blocked it, but I´ve actually knit the star pattern in opposite colours, it´s supposed to be white stars...but what the hell. I´ll just do the same on the sleeves and be done with it. I think it turned out rather well.

I´ve also finished my Shetland Triangle, knit with Malabrigo Silky Merino, and it´s super soft. I think I´ll knit with smaller needles the next time I use thick yarn for a shawl, because I don´t think the lace effect works so well with the thickness. It will look different than other lace projects, but I like the look of that. Vibbedille
knit a beautiful FBS with Baby Camel yarn, and I like the look of the pattern.

A small project for longer drives is this little Noro tote, I´m going to line it with some dark brown fabric and put a ziplock in it. I guess I´ll be using it as a wallet, or a gift.

My Swallowtail shawl is growing, I´m knitting it for someone in my family, with Opal Uni. I´ve started the Lily of the Valley-repeats, and I must say I´m not exactly thrilled with the purl-5-togethers, but it goes along wuite rapidly actually. I think I´ll be able to finish those repeats tonight, and maybe start the edging. C´s parents are coming over for strawberries, ice cream and coffee-yum- and they usually stay almost until midnight, but that´s okay-we always have a good time.

Now I´m going to do some laundry-interesting, isn´t it?- and knit some more on the shawl before C gets home from work.

Today is World Wide Knit in Public Day


..and we are going to Kult.kaféen in Stavanger to knit in abou an hour and a half. There is also a free concert in one of the parks in the city today, so I guess I´ll go there afterwards- I want to see The National Bank, which is a semi-local band. I have no idea how many people will turn up at the café, but I hope that at least a few people I don´t know does, although I don´t think so..Stavanger is a small city.

Pictures will be posted when I get home!

Mittens, curtains and dishcloths


I´ve knit this cute little curtain for the outdoor toilet at my boyfriend´s famliy summer house from the 1840ies. Will post more pictures when it´s in the proper place. I used the Feather and fan pattern and some leftover cotton yarn.

Another little project I continue doing while driving longer distances (my boyfriend drives, I knit...) I love these cotton/bamboo dishcloths, and use them all the time.

These mittens are made from some of the scraps from the Fanakofte. I still have enough of the brown yarn for a pair of baby booties, and probably enough of the EZ as well...I´m a little tired of knittin with Kauni at the moment, so the leftovers will hibernate for now.

My Shetland Triangle turned out beautifully, but I´ve bound it off too tight...so I´ll have to dry it, frog the cast-off edging and then re-knit (re-cast-off?) and THEN block it, dry it and photograph it. Phew! I guess it´s worth the trouble, the Malabrigo Silky Merino is lovely to work with!

Saturday is World Wide Knit in Public Day, and we´re going to knit at Kult.kaféen in Stavanger at 11.00 pm. The weather is a bit on and off raining and quite windy, so I decided we went indoors instead of sitting outside in a park. Looking forward to it though, I wonder how many knitters will turn up. Anyway, I´ll post photos from the event afterwards =)

And now I´m going to continue knitting the baby-Fana which turns out really cute!

Fanakofte finished


I FINALLY finished my longtime project: the Kauni Fanakofte. I knit the pockets at Fjøløy (see next post) and now I just need to find a nice belt buckle. The kofte is a bit tight over the chest, but it stretches after some time worn. The colours are not quite right in the photos, they´re taken in full sunlight(the most correct is probably the last photo, of the back). I´ll post more photos when I find the perfect belt buckle. The arms and parts of the pattern are heavily modified, but I´m very satisfied with the result! It took me more than six months to finish this one...phew.

Knitting weekend at Fjøløy

I went to Fjøløy with some knitting friends this weekend and this is what we did:

Halaisa, Gro, Babbs and Kjersti-thanks for a great weekend!

This photo was taken by Halaisas mom, and she knit all three Fanakofter for her daughter and her father. Aren´t they beautiful?

This and that


This is my third attempt at spinning, and I made a babyhat from the yarn. My draftingskills has developed, so I´ve managed to spin some worsted/aran merino-app.315 meters/100 grams. Not bad, but I´ll need la lighter spindle...

Finished the Breeze socks from Knitty a week ago, they fit snuggly and they´re so beautiful!

...more Breeze....

I got this lovely package from my secret pal Sipusa at Hobbyforum. The Noro Silk Garden Lite is already a hat, and the beautiful Rowan Scottish Tweed has been out as well. I didn´t manage to make a hat out of it, but I will make something else later. The grey yarns are pure wools, I think, and they´re really soft. I guess they´ll become shawls eventually. Great tea, and a cute little pincushion that she´s crocheted for me. Thank you so much, Sipusa!

This is the hat I made from the Noro I got from Sipusa, and it´s going to a new home- Irenesol has a project going on, loads of beanies and hats are being knitted and crocheted to go to the cancer ward at Ullevål Hospital for chemopatients. This is my first, but not my last contribution.

The Fanakofte has been blocked today, and the buttonholes are way too big...I have to sow them. I´ve knit a belt as well, and I´m wondering if I should knit pockets or not. I think it would be great, but I´m so tired of knitting on it now that it´s all kind of eh. I just want it to finish by itself so that I can forget it for a while...even though it´s beautiful colorwise, and it fits me very snuggly (a little too snuggly, some might say). My plan is to finish it by the end of this week so I can continue with the Central Park Hoodie and maybe starte the arms on the very, very boring Hourglass sweater.

Work has been exhausting because of the heat, but aircondition is now installed and we´re alle much happier, carrying around heavy art objects in the sun.