Blog Anniversary coming up...


...not really an anniversary, but the counter in the sidebar will soon hit visitor nr 20.000! If you are the one that hits that number, please leave a comment here (or PM me in Ravelry or Hobbyboden) and I´ll send you a little surprise...

I put the gnome here to make the post more fun; photoless blogposts are boring. I´ve stolen borrowed the photo here

Dalek mittens


I started these mittens before the weekend, using this chart from meredee for the Dalek pattern. I'm making these as a training program for the Ravelympics Mitten Medley starting 08.08.08, trying to figure out how to place the Dalek (and some letters as well, my own charts)on the front of the mitten. I'll post more photos later. I'm using Fleece Artist Merino sockyarn that I got in a swap over at Yarn Junkies II, and some Tynn Alpakka from DSA. I'll use EZ' thumb method as described here.



I've joined Ravelympics, starting 08.08.08, at 0800. I've also joined Team Tardis in the Who KNits?-group at Ravelry. Photos from the various events will appear here. I've joined the Mitten m-something event, I'll be knitting a pair of Dalek Mittens (the ones I'm working on now is simply practicing and training for the real thing)....
I've had to frog my FLS because it was too wide and too short, so now I've started the gull lace pattern and hopefully it will be finished before I start my vacation. I'm alsp working on Mom's Damask, the striped hem is working up slowly, but beautifully. Can't wait to start the pattern! Cobblestone is on the needles as well, and my hybrid crochet/knit cardi also.
August will be the UFO-month at Hobbyboden, so I hope to finish the yellow crochet bag (at least) and mayb the boring Regia sock for C. But with Ravelympics and going to Kreta, it will be a busy knitting month =P



I got this cute award from Muffin! Thank you so much =) As Muffins says, she does not know what the cirteria is to get this particular award, but she had linked to several other bloggers she likes to read for various reasons, so here goes;

She makes so much cute knitted goods, and I enjoy reading her blog. (Also she likes Doctor Who)

She also makes lots of nice things, and she writes fun and clever about her dogs. And I envy her the beautiful house...

Another crative blog, she makes so much cool stuff without patterns, and she writes well.

Shannon/ The Wiltin Rose:
We got to know each other through a swap on Ravelry, and have kept in contact since then. She has recently started spinning, and I enjoy her writings about her family, spinning and beautiful photos from her garden.

There is a whole blogroll at the bottom of this page who deserves an award, keeping me updated on knitting around the world, but it would take too long to specify why I like all a great weekend! It´s raining cats and dogs, I´m off to work in an hour and then to the ferry to go to the summer house.

Started a new project yesterday; Daaaaalek mittens! I use this chart by meredee
for the colorwork for the front of the mitten. I´m using leftover alpaca and a skein of Fleece Artist Merino I got in a swap. They are turning out very coool and very retro. Photos will come.

For those of you who doesn´t know what a Dalek is, go here.
How can you not love them?

February Lady Sweater


It´s REALLY difficult to photograph oneself in the mirror...but here goes; my first February Lady Sweater (free pattern, link at end of post) knit wiht half a gull lace pattern. I stole the buttons off an old cardigan I never use, and I think they fit the pink color well. The sleeves are slightly wide, but I have an FLS #2 on the needle as we speak, so I don´t care.

...testing various clothing to match the screaming pink. One thing is for sure; I need lots of rouge and sunpowder when wearing this =P

This lovely photo shows me; looking like a slightly narcotic pale owl- the happy knitter. Don´t get me wrong-I love the jacket, but I don´t love taking my own picture outside in the rain...

The pattern is here

Felted bag gone bad


Grrrr. The felted bag I´m test knitting for a secret project, went bad during felting...I used alpaca and pure wool, and I guess the alpaca couldn´t cope with hard felting. The bag was felted together several places, and there was no way I could separate the parts. I therefore cut it into pieces, planning to use the long stripe for something else. Fortunately this was a very quick knit, and I did get to use scrap yarn..but it would have turned out really nice, if the @*!!$&§ alpaca hadn´t ruined it all...Meh. I´m going to make coasters for Mom with the lefotver stripe, she wanted some for her new coffee table, and the colours is just what she prefers. Need to cut it and sew around the edges first, though. And then I have to reknit the bag- no alpaca this time, mind you!

We went to the summer house on Saturday, I was planning on staying until tonight, but the weather is horrible, so I went home with C yesterday instead. I knit the bag in just two days, and also got quite a few rows done on my FLS # 2. This photo is lousy, but I´m about halfway down the gull lace pattern, and it´s going rapidly. My mother-in-law wants one too, she needs to decide what color and what yarn she wants, and then...I´m still on the long, striped hem for Mom´s Damask, and it doesn´t seem to be moving any faster. It´s really boring right now, but as soon as I start the pattern I hope the sweater will fly off the needles...(as if). I´m off work today, so I´m going to drink lots of coffee, knit and listen to podcasts (I have about 20 different episodes to catch up on)

Hourglass sweater by Joelle Hoverson


Baby i Rib got a button instead of a ribbon to make it less feminine. I think it turned out quite cute.

My Hourglass Sweater (from "Last Minute Knitted Gifts" by Joelle Hoverson) is finally done, hibernating since April. If I had only bought those circular needles before, I could have finished ths sweater in no time- once I got to the sleeves, it was such a quick job to get it done. I´m pleased with the result (it´s not blocked yet, mind you) but I would consider knitting it an inch or two longer if you´re going to make this one. It´s a tiny bit short for my taste (I´ll just block it, of course-but if I had just knit it a bit longer I wouldn´t have to....)

Since it´s Saturday, I´m only working three hours now that it´s holiday in Norway, and C is on his scubadiving class. We´re going to the summerhouse after work and class, it´s going to rain, but who cares; when there´s knitting, nice food and nice people to chat with? I don´t! Have a nice weekend, those of you that reads blogs in the summertime...

February Lady Sweater and Baby i Rib


This little shirt was a quick knit! It´s called Baby i Rib and it´s a pattern from Design Club DK. I used less than one skein of Arwetta, and are making the Baby Booties from Dansk Mohair with the leftover yarn. I plan to put a ribbon and not a button on the shirt, since this is a newborn size. Very soft and very cute!

My FLS- with half-a-gull-lace pattern- is finished as well, it needs buttons and they are back home in Stavanger. It´s washed, blocked and really soft and nice. The colour is actually that vibrant, and I plan to wear it together with a dark brown t-shirt or something like that.

I´ve already cast on a new one, in double thread Silke/Merino from Design Club DK in a bright red colour.