Rusted Root by Sarah & Rachel


The pattern can be bought here.
I´m knitting the t-shirt with Cascade 220, Christmas Green. I have five hanks of it, so I think there´s enough yarn to make the sleeves longer. If not, this will be a fall/winter type of shirt to wear over a polosweater and such. I love the root lace pattern, and made a modification on the sleeves; I think they look quite puffy in the photos, so I´ve stopped increasing on them now (I´m on the row 39) and wll continue increasing for the body until row 55, when something else is going to happen in the pattern (haven´t read through it yet...)
It´s very, very soft, and I´m looking forward to let it keep me warm and snuggly on cold and long days at the library.

The Cobblestone pullover


I cast on for the body of the Cobblestone I´m knitting for my FIL for Christmas yesterday, and I´m thrilled with the pattern. It´s so simple and yet som beautiful. That´s why I couldn´t resist a little peak at Webs,
and ordered 5 hanks of Cascade 220 heathers, in the colourway "Cordovan".

These skeins will be a girly cobblestone for myself, I´ll use the decreases from the Hourglass sweater to make a waist shaping that fits me. Can´t wait!



...or at least I hope! Crete was wonderfully relaxing, although I had trouble with the heat- 37 degrees celcius and no wind, plus being food poisoned did not make my holiday as perfect as planned. But we did relax, we did sunbathe, and had a lovely time. Will post pictures later. Now for some fall dreamin´: fake leather jacket for cold ad rainy days...

...rognebær are my favourite fall tree..

...malabrigo worsted merino for mittens or a hat...

We came home Friday morning after a 24 hour loooong day/night without sleep, but with delayed flight, me being sick and whiny, and we slept a LOT. I spent Friday evening staring out in the air at Gro´s place while she, Gry Hege and Virtuella knit/embroidered and had wine and cheese. I had grapes , water and a biscuit. Yay. I´m much better now though, we went to Bersagel ( far out in the country) for Ola´s 3oth birthday (this is the fifth 3oth birthdayparty this year, my lvoe and his friend are celebrating theirs next weekend, and that will be the grand finale for this partying year, I think) and had a lovely time sitting out by the fireplace (I got to bed by 00.00, but the others sat in the pool/by the fireplace/everywhere singing and playing guitar to local heroes such as Luxus Leverpostei and Ingenting. You rogalendinger knows what I´m talking about). So, despite going to bed early, not much sleep done. But we had a great time anyway. Today´s plan is knitting and coffee. And that´s about it. Oh, and I´m almost done with the swap gift for my swap partner in the Dexter swap #2 over at Ravelry. It is a bloody (ha-ha) great package! Can´t wait till she gets it. Just a few more bits and pieces, and I will ship it off some time next week.

Now, off to crocheting something simple and useless with all the cotton scraps from dishcloth knitting in Crete. And Firefly on DVD.

February August Sweater


My second FLS, this time with shorter sleeves and smaller buttons. I´m quite pleased with this one, I think it´s a bit too long it is, my second finished project in the Ravelympics!

Fanakofte gone wrong

Remember this UFO? I decided to finish it during the Ravelympics games 2008, in the WIP wrestling category. It waas all done, I just had to sew the sleeves on it. So far, so good. I started sewing and cutting late yesterday night, and it all went wrong. Very wrong. So I cried a little, and then decided to make something out of the deceased jacket. After all, I had some wuite nice pieces left-although scattered and cut, they would make some pretty neat.....

....babysoaker and wristwarmers! Ha!

Now, off to sewing buttons onto the FLS #2 (no cutting!) and then there are three mittens left to finish..phew!

Oh, Anne...

Pattern here

I LOVE these scarves...

Ravelympics 2008


Since it´s now officially 08.08.08, I have started the Daaaalek mittens- casting on this very minute, because the test-mitten did not turn out the way I wanted it to. I will frog it later, and use it as a guideline for the main mittens as I go along.

So; my Ravelympics projects are:

Project #1: Daaalek mittens

Yarn: Rauma 3tr. strikkegarn, colours 140 and 14
2,5 and 3 DPNS
Pattern: Dalek doily by meredee

Project #2: Baby Fanacardigan
Gjestal Baby Ull
Needles: Addi turbos circular 3
Pattern: Sandnesgarn Fanakofte

Project #3: February Lady Sweater
Duo Silke/Merino
Needles: Ebony circular needle 5
Pattern: February Lady Sweater by Flintknits

I am participating in the Mitten Medley, and in the WIP Wrestling (with the Fana and the FLS). Photos of the ongoing process will be presented shortly!

All things pink

A few selected pinks in my garden