Project #6: Cobblestone sweater


Yarn: Filcolana Lammeuld
Needles: Harmony Woods #3.5 and 4, Addi #2
Pattern: Cobblestone sweater by Jared Flood

The sweater is for my father in law, who is taller and larger than my boyfriend modeling the sweater. Hope he´ll like it, I´ve knit it about 3 times before I got it right! I´m pleased with the result, although I think the short rows in the back did not turn out as nice as I wanted them to. But after steaming and ironing the sweater will probably look even better!

Project #7: Krabbeloftsmystery and Blueberries....


Since my FO nr 7 (counting backwards from 10..) is a mystery and not yet to be revealed, this questionmark is all you get. I can tell you that it was HUGE and heavy, and now felting happily in the machine. I hope it turns out well this time, the first time I test-knit it, it went straight to h***. So, hope for the best.

I was so pleased with the blue Kool-Aid Silja (it´s more blue than this lousy photo shows) that I immediately wanted to cast on for another pair of Blueberry Waffles. I have not yet made an actual blue pair, so I hope the yarn and pattern will work well together.
I managed to stretch the sunshine socks a bit, so I can keep them for myself-hah!

Shalom is sitting in its basket at the moment, it´s a quick knit and turns out gorgeous, I´ve put buttons on it to make sure it fits over my chest, and it does! I will stick to the pattern with three buttons because I think my particular choice of buttons will be too much in larger quantities. You will understand when you see the colour of it ( like nissehud, only brighter and darker, for you local knitters) =P

I´ve had a great day, a quick trip to Ikea before heading home for Star Trek, knitting and homemade pizza by C, then some more knitting and now Twin Peaks (and knitting). Tomorrow will be knitting in the car on our way to Sandnes and Hå Gamle for art exhibitons of different kinds, before I´m helping my friend lifting some roof-stuff (please, neck, don´t complain) and then off to another friend to have coffee.
That´s the kind of weekend I like! And next weekend is Gardermotreffet, knitters´meetup for a whole weekend! Yay!

Rosa i oktober /Pink in October

Jeg støtter Rosa Sløyfe-aksjonen i oktober, og dermed er bloggen min nesten rosa--- prøver å finne ut av litt htmlgreier så jeg kan få til en bedre bloggtittel, foreløpig får den rosa flamingoen stå for rosafargen i oktober.
My blog is PINK in October.

Project #8: Sunshine Twist Candy socks


Pattern here
Knit with Silja from Gjesdal

Handdyed yarn and cake

I´ve dyed some beige Silja (app. 200 grams) with Pink lemonade and Grape Kool-Aid. I like the Grape best, but I think the pink one will turn out nice as well. I hope to have achieved selfstriping yarn, time will show...

I, like som many others, had to try this
recipe for a 5-minute microwave chocolate cake, so I found a large cup and used all the ingredients sans milk, so I wonder how this looks good though, on a Friday!

Cobblestone is finished, and drying this very moment. When the sun comes out and C get home I´ll post some photos. I think it got perfect for my father in law!

I´m almost done with the sunshine candy-socks, and later on I plan to cast on for the Shalom cardi, I want to make it a bit different from the original pattern; making the sleeves t-shirt long, more buttons (perhaps all the way down) and if I have enough yarn I´ll knit pockets as well.

Have a great weekend!

My plans are to see some friends, and hopefully my neck will behave (it stiffs up some times, and I have not had a good night...and I´d really like to get some exercise, but it hurts too much to turn my head, so I guess I should wait.

Project #9: Slouchy Koolhaas


Koolhaas is done; slouchy, soft and cute! I love this pattern, although the decreases were a bit confusing. It turned out well, and this is certainly not the last time I´ll knit this hat. Sisik was a perfect yarn for it, I used almost one skein, next time I´ll knit with smaller needles and maybe thinner yarn to make it sit better on my head.

So..that means I have only 8 more projects to go!

Project #10: Baby blanket

I finished the baby blanket in Lerke from Dalegarn yesterday, mostly at knitnight and some at home. It´s really soft and a little heavy, so I think it will be a lovely blanket for the baby due october/november. I used one skein for each stripe and knit about 15 ridges of garter sts, then changed the colour. One FO, 10 more to next FO will hopefully be the Koolhaas hat.



Alle gode ting er tre? Iallefall ble tredje forsøket mitt på Cobblestone bra, nå er det bare noen shortrows igjen før den er ferdig. Underveis har den vært fire ganger så stor, feilstrikket og rukket opp to ganger. Men nu! Ser det endelig bra ut. Selv om den ikke akkurat er det mest spennende jeg har strikket, kan jeg godt se for meg at jeg lager en jenteversjon til meg selv en gang, men ikke riktig ennå.

My third attempt to knit the Cobblestone seems to be the best fits the receiver perfectly, and I have only the worst part left- the shortrows, but at least it will be finished in good time before Christmas. I will probably knit myself a girlieversion, but not right now....

Jeg klarer aldri helt å la være med å begynne på nye prosjekter før jeg har fullført noen andre, så i skrivende stund får strikkepinnene brynt seg på disse:
I have some other projects on the needles as well....

Koolhaas lue fra b r o o k l y n t w e e d i Sisik fra Dalegarn
Koolhaas hat from b r o o k l y n t w e e d , knitted with Sisik

Candy Twist Cable Socks
, gratismønster på Ravelry, strikkes i Silja
Free pattern in Ravelry, knitted with Silja

Mammas Damask hviler foreløpig, ellers har jeg begynt på en Nøstebarntrøye til meg selv som foreløpig får ligge, den må strikkes på mindre pinner enn først antatt og det er kjedelig å strikke 1r, 1vr i evighet...så. Den hviler. Den heklede versjonen av Bender fra Futurama hviler og, det er en julepresang som jeg har tenkt å ferdigstille ca lille julaften, og så ligger det noen stygge Regiasokker i UFOkurven også. Men det begynner å se bedre ut, ikke SÅ mange UFOer lengre.

Babyteppet i Lerke blir deilig og mykt, og fint i fargene-tror de er midt i blinken for mottakerne, som får en gutt i månedsskiftet oktober/november. Noen Opalsokker med picotkant har jeg også på pinnene, de er bilstrikketøy og flystrikketøy, så de har jeg tenkt å bli ferdige med på Gardermotreffet. Ellers spinner jeg av og til, men ønsker meg en lettere håndtein-ryktet sier at det skal være spinnekurs på treffet, dermed satser jeg på at det kanskje selges litt ulikt utstyr der også.
Krabbeloftsutfordringen blir STOR, men fin i fargene. Jeg er nesten ferdig med denne delen, men har tenkt å strikke resten sånn innimellom de andre prosjektene. Dessuten skal jeg begynne på Shalom og Central Park Hoodie så jeg kan ta dem med til Gardermoen.

Det vil jeg har...ti prosjekter gående, inkludert to UFOer. Alt er som det pleier, med andre ord.

I´m rambling about all my WIP´s and my (2!) UFO´s, as usual there are about ten different projects on my needles. Luckily, some of them are about to be finished, so it´s not that bad. And I WANT to start the Shalom cardigan AND the Central Park Hoodie before Gardermotreffet...

One down


I have made a decision. I will (after finishing Pøbelstone and Koolhaas and...)knit Shalom with the four skeins of black Sisik i bought on eBay....and after that , or at the same time, I'll use the grey Sisik from Halaisa for Central Park Hoodie....there should be app. 500 meters of Sisik altogether, and that will hopefully be enough for a short Shalom.

Cardigan mania


I have some problems deciding
which of these (or all of them?) I am going to start knitting for myself when I finish the Cobblestone sweater....I'm also thinking I don't want to knit myself a Cobblestone, because I know for a fact that I will probably use cardigans and jackets much more often than sweaters...

And I have some brown heather Cascade 220 and some plain purple Cascade 220 AND some green left from the Rusted Root, some black tweey Sisik, some this and some that for sweaterknitting, and I don't really know yet what to use where. I'm thinking the green Cascade for the Shalom, the Sisik for either the Green Gable (will make it a cardigan rather than sweater) OR the Central Park Hoodie....or the brown heather or the purple for one of them. Ugh. Well. By the time I'm done with Cobblestone I'm probably closer to a solution....what do you suggest?

All photos are stolen at Ravelry....

Central Park Hoodie by Heather Lodinsky

Longoria's something by Katarzyna Tarasik

Shalom by Megan McFarlane

GreenGable Hoodie by tikru

(this pattern is in the fall-08 issue of Vogue Knitting as well)

Lovely, aren't they?

Cobblestone- take #3


After I´d frogged the first Cobblestone (I could probably wrap my sofa in it), I cast on for a second attempt-this time in the right size (the second smallest size...). So far, so good. After a few rounds (app. 15 cm!) Halaisa discovered that I was doing the ridges wrong, I was knitting purl sts instead of one purl round and one knit I frogged it again. An NOW the body measures almost 16 " and I´m going to make it 20 " long to be sure, and THEN I hope third is my number. It´s turning out really well, soft and nice and fits my boyfriend perfectly, so I guess it will sit tightly on my father in law, but that´s good so it won´t be too loosely after wearing for some time.

I´m actually not that tired of the pattern (yet), but I guess the decreasing will be a bit more challenging for someone like me who does not like to purl (who does anyway)...but still, I have my skeins of Cascade 220 heathers for the girly version for myself, and I hope there will be enough yarn for a tee or something similar (I have 5 hanks...)

I´m writing away on my thesis, the theme or topic or whatever it´s called is finished, so now I´m collecting information about knitting as a cultural tradition in Norway, and trying to explain to the muggles what Ravelry is-with screenshots and all, if I can figure out how- and why it´s such a great source. So. I´ve decided to write in Norwegian after all, I thought at first that I´d write it in English, but that´s too difficult with the language required for this kind of thesis. So MAYBE I´ll translate it -or parts of it- later...but I´m enjoying the work, although I had never anticipated that making a survey could be so difficult!

Oh well- I´m going to take some cupcakes out of the oven, we´re having Strikk Innom at my place tonight (Knit-By, or something) and I´m baking (since I don´t want to work woth the survey anymore) and I need to clean up a bit as well, C is offshore working and comes home tomorrow, and Mom is coming to visit us as we´re going to celebrate C´s 30th birthday with his family on Saturday...I´m at work bith Saturday and Sunday, so I´m doing as much as possible now so that he can enjoy the big day and so that Mom can have a relaxing weekend (she needs that, her job is getting over her head right now) and enjoy the silence as I´m at work =P

I´ve hidden his present in the apartment, and I really hope he´ll love it- I think he will though, he´s quite easy to please that way....

Shetland Triangle #3


My third Shetland Triangle so far, knit with smaller needles (#3) and a little less yarn than usual- eight repeats total. I used about one hank of Uld & Silke from Henrichsens Uldspinderi (there was app. 50 grams left) in a tweedy denim blue. The photo with me in it shows the most accurate colour. The shawl is for Mom who is visiting this weekend.

Yarn, knitting and fall feelings...


New yarn; 5 skeins of lovely Cascade 220 Heathers in brown for my girly version of the Cobblestone sweater...

Pebbles babyvest got his buttons (arrived from Thailand today, a large amount of sneaky rabbits in lots of colours)

Another Brooklyntweed hat...

...and my knitting-nook in the balcony, under the heater- at night! I can´t wait to sit here under a blanket when the rain is falling heavily on the windows, knitting and enjoying fall...

Sjokoladens Dag/ Chocolate Day


Hurra for Sjokoladens Dag! I ekte Foreningsånd presenterer jeg mine favoritter.Today is the official Chocolate Day, and these are my favourite chocolates from Freia, Norway

Dexter swap #2 at Ravelry


I´m a huge fan of Dexter
and I joined the Dexter swap group at Ravelry, and got Halaisa (who also lives here in Stavanger) as my swap partner. This is the coolets package ever; look what I got! (and she even promised me the new Vogue Knitting AND more yarn):

Top left: Vintage knitting needles, hooker´s fingernails stitchmarkers
2nd row: Barbie´s head back , blood spatter analysis yarn
3rd row: Chocolate and coffee yum, Barbie´s head fridge magnet
4th row: Detail from hooker´s fingernails, Dexter-themed dishtowel
5th row: Sisik yarn from Dale, which I can choose a project for and get more of the colour I like the best (I like the black one) , and last but not least: the Horror tote!

Thank you so much, halaisa! Foreningssjokoladen er spist allerede!


Many Finished Objects lately, that´s how it is when you´re supposed to write on your master´s thesis (about Ravelry, so technically I´m doing research...)

These mittens are a christmas present, and they´re made with Létt Lopi and various leftover yarns for the embroidery. I used Bea´s fingerless mittens as a guideline (as you can see, I´m not good at needlework, so felting the mittens a bit seemed like a good idea. Also they were too big)

I finished the Anthropologie-Inspired capelet as well, thanks to vis2vas who bought me the third skein of Bris in Kristiansand. The yarn is 50 % wool and 50 % soy, and lovely for mittens, shrugs and such.

And finally a decent photo of me with my Rusted Green Root which I love! Knit with Cascade 220 Christmas Green, used app 2.5 skeins.

Some not-so-good photos of me with my love´s new Turn a Square-hat (by Brooklyntweed), he doesn´t want to be in my blog (my love, not brooklyntweed. Haven´t asked him yet haha). Knit with Noro Silk Garden and Silk garden Lite.

Oh the joy of mobile phone solo photographing.....



Tror dere ikke jeg har strikka Cobblestone 10- TI!- incher for stor. Jeg strikka den største størrelsen, og den er 55 incher over brystet. Så prøvde C den, den ramla rett ned, og vi målte- med litt kjapp hoderegning og sunn fornuft fant vi ut at det var den nest minste størrelsen som ville passe svigerfar. Rip rip, frog frog.

So much for 1 rett, 1 rett, 1 rett på strikketreff....

I knit my FIL´s Cobblestone 10 inches too wide. Ugh

Knitting weekend and baking

Yesterday was the grand opening at Krabbeloftet, where 70 knitterhappy ladies from all over Norway finally got together for a weekend of knitting, gossip, yarnshopping and a great time- today will be knitting all over, and tomorrow (I´m going to work =/ ) is the bus trip when the others are going bananas in our local yarnshops and -factories.

Of course, one needs fuel for such adventurous events, so I´m baking mini cupcakes for everyone (including those who have allergies for milk, gluten, corn....) and I think they´re turning out quite cute! I´m decoratig them with sugar and jelly hearts, which (I hope) don´t have any of the ingredients listed above in them..

After this, I´m hopping on the bus for Tananger- that´s where you need to be this weekend. In the meantime, while waiting for the cuties to cool off, I´m embroidering on these mittens, knit with Létt Lopi from Istex, using Bea´s Fingerless Mittens as my tutorial.
I don´t expect to be doing a lot of blogging this weekend, so have a nice one, and pictures will be posted after the event!

Rusted root, baby Cobblestone and more


It IS difficult to get a decent photo of oneself - in the rain, with a cellphone camera, without a mirror...but as soon as the sun comes out and my boyfriend is at home, I´ll get better pictures of this. I LOVE it! It´s warm and soft and cute, and I can wear it to practically everything. I think this will become a fave on cold fall nights and days at uni.

I replaced the black buttons with these vintage bakelite ones for my pink FLS, I think they give a more modest look to the bright colour. As for the Rusted Root I need my love to photograph me...

I finished the Pebbles vest (based on Cobblestone pattern) yesterday, it needs some blocking and ironing, and the buttons are on their way from Thailand in the mail (etsy).

The baby Cobblestone turned out super cute, needs to be ironed as well, and then I´ll ship it off to it´s new owner (who haven´t even been born yet!)

And last, but not least, some destash fabric from Etsy, the polkadot ones are Amy Butler, and I´ll use either the yellow or the red (red I think) for lining the mittens..

I was supposed to finish reading "A cyborg Manifesto" by Donna Haraway for my thesis today, but I cannot concentrate...why? Because today is the first day of our knitting get-together in Tananger, and there will be 70 happy knitters there- and it lasts until Sunday, and I´m going to a salsa class this afternoon, so I won´t be able to get there until 20.00! Whew. I´m taking the day off tomorrow though, I want to get as much knitting time as possible at the Krabbeloftet this year. I had to work last year, and we were very busy so I didn´t have time at ALL to join the others. But this year, oh, this year, will I finish the adult Cobblestone for Petter (hopefully, I´m knitting the largest size on #3 needles...) and get to know lots of my fellow online knitters! Cheers!

Green root and Pebbles


I still have 2 1/2 skeins left of the Cascade 220, so I´ve started the Pebbles baby vest from b r o o k l y n t w e e d, the pattern is available as a free dowload here.
It´s a kind of Cobblestone version of a babyvest, and I really like the simplicity of the design. I do have enough yarn for a mini Cobblestone, but I think I´m done knitting green for a while after this. Next weekend is the first of two large knitting fairs, and I have plans on knitting the adult Cobblestone body (I hope to get to the sleeves and body attachment thing during the weekend)

And Rusted Root is done! Just waiting for some sunlight and my boyfriend to come home so we can get a decent photo of me with it on. I´m happy with the result, it´s really comfy and for the first time, something I knit actually fits quite well, it´s not too big or too tight...I used about 2 1/2 skeins of Cascade 220.